ABOUT Endeem Mara Resort

A little piece of paradise and jewel!


Endeem Mara Resort is a Boutique Maasai Manyatta-Style Eco-Lodge located in a safe and secured environment in the heartland of Africa, bordering the Maasai Mara National Reserve and next to Oloolaimutia Gate.

This little piece of paradise and jewel of Kenya’s wildlife attraction is professionally managed by competent and friendly customer-centric staff, and is suited for individuals, families, groups and corporate organizations who appreciate the splendor of the outdoors and seek to imbibe in the beauty of magical sunset upon thriving wildlife haven of adventure and exotic aura; that can be found only in the world heritage site of wildlife and animal migration.

Our flagship product & service offering

Our flagship product and service offering is a package consisting in full-board accommodation, bespoke meals and drinks, evening camp-fire social events, and unique African flora and fauna experience; including bird watching in the breath-taking view of the watering stream, open plains and rolling hills; sighting of small and majestic creatures grazing, browsing, playing and engaging in mock-fights in their natural habitat; and even Maasai herdsmen grazing and watering their cattle side by side with predators and prey in a spirit of unity that balances unique human-wildlife relationships.

Endeem Mara Resort (EMR) facility is decorated in an exquisite and elegant façade that has become a conspicuous edifice in the local area. It is a new, beautifully landscaped, nature-filled, unique atmosphere hotel with a comfortable luxurious surrounding, exclusive design and service that fit an adult “getaway" guest, or a business team needing to hold planning or strategy sessions away from the office. A full range of referral services - such as area attractions - are available and tailored to the needs of the particular guest. We provide all the conditions for a great vacation, and each guest can count on confidentiality and individualized first-class service. EMR provides a conducive environment for our customers to take a break from their busy days, and a place where they can find comfort and luxury.

We believe in the passionate pursuit of excellence and customer experience success with uncompromising services and integrity. We offer comfortable and safe accommodations, convenient payment options, wide varieties of food, drinks and desserts, and excellent customer service culture that is deeply rooted in the fabric of our organizational values and positive long-term relationships with our clientele and stakeholders.

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Enjoy your day.

The Endeem team.


Endeem Mara Resort is as much a home as it is a travel destination. Guests become more than visitors, they become part of the Maasai community. Join us around the fireplace, for storytelling and stargazing.