ACTIVITIES at Endeem Mara Resort

Experience the Mara from a different perspective.

Game Drives galore!

Our resort is borders the Maasai Mara National Reserve and next to Oloolaimutia Gate. On your doorstep lies one of the world’s best wildlife reserves, home to the Big Five and annual Great Migration between the Serengeti to the Masai Mara. Our guests can enjoy early morning game drives, afternoon game drives or full day game drives within the park. We tailor game drives to suit every guests need.

The main activities of our guests are game drives in one of the best wildlife areas in the world. Our custom-built open sided 4×4 game drive vehicles are designed to offer you unobstructed panoramic views. Every guest gets a window seat. Our specially trained, experienced and multilingual safari guides will ensure that each and every game drive will be an unforgettable safari.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Enjoy the thrill of an early morning hot air balloon ride where you can enjoy the spectacle of the Masai Mara sunrise and the aerial view of big game scattered across the rolling plains of the reserve. The scenery from a hot air balloon is unforgettable due to its spectacular and breathtaking nature; the ultimate safari experience.

Suspended in a basket beneath the rainbow-coloured canopy, you’re off for a wildlife viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective. What amazes most first-time balloonists is the absolute stillness: the silence as you float above the plains, the forest and the rivers of the Masai Mara.

Bush Dining

A bush dinner is considered dining under the African stars. At Endeem we organize bush dinners to take place in scenic locations within the Mara plains. If dining at the resort proves a tad too tame, you can head out to wilder settings and enjoy sumptuous bush breakfasts and dinners in the bush including sundowners within sight of a lion or a herd of elephants or the hippos snorting in the river below. It’s the ultimate African appetizer.

For our bush dining, our guests will find a table and chairs have already been set up and that a campfire, lanterns, and bush kitchen await. Our staff carefully serve guests with freshly prepared gourmet food prepared by the executive chef using fresh local produce with international influences and accompanied with fine wines. To make it an unforgettable African dining experience, a group of local Maasai men and women sing and dance providing background entertainment that blends with the sounds of the untamed bush.

Nature Walks

We offer shorter walks and bird watching in the vicinity of the resort and longer walks down to the banks of the Mara River with its hundreds of hippos and crocodiles. During this nature walk you will have the chance to see zebras, antelopes or giraffes from closeby. The Masai guides are dedicated to explain the Masai culture and share their skills in animal tracking and their immense knowledge about wildlife. A very special moment during your Safari.

Cultural Experience

Here at the Mara you’re bound to have plenty of chance to interact with Maasai guides and staff, and village and school visits are usually an optional activity, perhaps as an alternative to an afternoon game drive. Our staff have developed positive relationships with the local communities and fees paid for such visits go direct to the elders or village council. Living a semi-nomadic lifestyle, the Maasai tribe has modernised in some ways but still adheres to many aspects of their traditional culture. Established as fierce warriors, their lively cultural dance, vibrant clothing and beautifully crafted handiwork are recognised worldwide.


Endeem Mara Resort is as much a home as it is a travel destination. Guests become more than visitors, they become part of the Maasai community. Join us around the fireplace, for storytelling and stargazing.